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[Review] V – Layover

V finally released his first solo mini-album ‘Layover’ and we’re stoked. Let’s dive right in to see which tracks we are being blessed with.


We start off the mini with the pre-released track ‘Rainy Days‘ which we wrote about here.

Then comes the track ‘Blue’. We’re going old school R&B with a touch of lo-fi instrumentation. This is incredibly smooth and fits V’s aesthetic to a T.

After that comes the pre-released track ‘Love Me Again’.

Then comes the title track ‘Slow Dancing’ and this is a beautiful groovy pop R&B track. I love how ethereal this feels and how languid the vocals are performed. The video gives me Peter Pan meets the Little Prince vibes and that is just so right?!

‘For Us’ follows that with alt R&B vibes, cool synths and a vintage piano. I like the vocal effects they added as it really creates a very dynamic track.

The closing track is the piano version of the title track ‘Slow dancing’.

Overall, ‘Layover’ is a very solid solo debut by V as it really shows his personal style. It’s a great listen and one I’ll come back to a lot in quiet moments.

Go listen to the album on Spotify here.

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