Photo Credits: Brave Entertainment

[Review] Candy Shop – Hashtag#

Candy Shop is the latest girl group under Brave Entertainment. Consisting Soram, Yuina, Sui and Sarang, this group is debuting with the EP ‘Hashtag#‘, including four singles. Let’s get right into it and discover what they have prepared.


The opening track ‘Hashtag#‘ kicks off this release with impressive drums and a lot of hype, there is a lot of power, energy and fantastic vocals that set the mood and definitely raise the expectations.

The title song ‘Good Girl‘ plays next with a great tempo and mixing. The POP/R&B combo is great and show off their vocal power with a very smooth delivery. The music video is all about visuals, graphic effects, and great dance moves. Make sure to watch it below.

No Fake‘ incorporates deep bass into the mix for this EP. The vocal layering in this single is very interesting, with a great mix of rap and singing, and a flow that definitely hooks in listeners.

Last on this debut release is ‘Candy#‘ with a house music driven track and a very fun synth line. This song is a rather interesting ending track but it does wraps-up this EP on the same hype it started.

Make sure to listen to this release here.

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