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[Review] U-KNOW – Reality Show

U-KNOW is back with his third solo mini-album, let’s dive right into it because I’m super curious.

Reality Show

We start off with ‘Wannabe’. This is a smooth and sensual pop and R&B track. The groove is real and the bass is just amazing. U-KNOW really has an incredible R&B voice and it’s super dope. Honestly I really dig this. What a wonderful opening.

The title track ‘Vuja De’ comes next and invites us with a big jazz band sound and a fun tempo switch. The instrumentals are so smartly put together and really paint an intriguing picture. Another 10/10!

The next track ‘Tarantino’ switches things up a bit by introducing a country style that’s mixed with rock. The whistle is a vibe and makes for a catchy hook.

We’re going disco with the track ‘Relax’. I’m really digging this beat and the happy funkiness of it all.

‘Spotlight’ is a synth pop track with sharp drum beats and very satisfying synths.

The closing track is ‘Curtain’ and this stunning jazz balad is the perfect closure for the mini-album. I’m absolutely in love with the piano in this single and U-KNOW does a really great job at creating ambience with his vocals.

‘Reality Show’ by U-KNOW is a really solid listen and houses a variety of genres.

Go ahead and listen to it here on Spotify.

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