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[Review] The Boyz – [PHANTASY] Pt.1 – Christmas in August

The boys from The Boyz are back with their new album ‘[PHANTASY] Pt.1 – Christmas in August’. Let’s take a closer look!

[PHANTASY] Pt.1 – Christmas in August

We start off with the title track ‘LIP GLOSS’ which is a fun, funky summer bop. I’m digging the retro synth vibe and with the music video it feels like a total party.

After that comes ‘Passion Fruit’. This track is by the sub-unit Younghoon, Hyunjae, Juyeon, Q, and Sunwoo. Kevin and Sunwoo both have writing credits on the track. This is a pretty cool pop track with some hip-hop elements. The chorus is a total earworm and the synths in the backing track are really fun.

‘Lighthouse’ is a completely different vibe with a darker theme and a trap beat. It’s honestly a lovely track with a catchy hook and really impressive vocal work.

‘Fantasize’ is an up-tempo pop single that begs for a drive around town with full volume. I’m really digging the sound and the chorus especially. The layering is really nice!

After that comes ‘Fire Eyes‘. This electro pop track is so much fun! I like the little effects they added and the different synths they used. This is a really lovely track.

The closing track is ‘Fairy Tale’. From the start we get a very dreamy vibe. I was kind of expecting a ballad, but this soft pop track has some really cool rap verses and a happy beat.

Overall The Boyz released another great album with ‘[PHANTASY] Pt.1 – Christmas in August’. Go ahead and listen to it here on Spotify.

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