Jeon Somi is back with new music, ‘GAME PLAN’ is the name of this mini-album containing five new singles that show a brand new SOMI. For this release she participated in the writing of most of the songs, and we are very excited about this comeback.

Let’s dive into it!


Gold Gold Gold‘ kicks off this release with trendy beats and SOMI vibey rapping. The popping sound, pauses and deep bass in this track are super cool, and the mix of rap and singing continuously keep it fun and interesting to listen to.

The title track ‘Fast Forward‘ takes over with deep house, and peak summer vibes in its arrangement. Get ready to hit the dance floor with this single, the beats and flow are perfect for it. For the music video we get different versions of Somi with full glam and even as a student, this production is colourful, with intense CGI and flawless performing. Check it below.

Fxxked Up‘ moves along this release with a whistling throughout the song and very dope beat drops, this single is catchy, fun and full of surprises. We have a bit of everything vocals, rapping and falsettos showing off SOMI’s talent and unique feel.

Pisces‘ is next with an R&B sound, synth and a flawless flow, the vocal tone in this single is super pretty to listen to, we get a softer side of her singing with a very charming touch.

Closing this release is the single ‘The Way‘ adding the retro synth-pop into this mini-album, the build up if this song is amazing, and the vocals and track progression along with the acoustic guitar the perfect combination.

JEON SOMI definitely showed new sides of her in this release, the variety of sound and catchiness were cool and refreshing. A solid summer release. You can listen to this mini-album here.

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