[WebToon] Romance 101

We’re back with a new Webtoon feature, and today we’re reading ‘Romance 101‘ by Namsoo. It’s fluff o’clock people, get your candy and rainbows ready. Surprisingly, it’s a romance series, I know, nobody saw that coming. It recently finished publication, so it’s the perfect time to start and finish the whole thing in a day!

Romance 101 (WEBTOON)

Romance 101

Bareum has a rather… intense relationship with her planner. Her best moment of the day? Ticking off that last box in her to-do list. Every day is planned down to the minute, every activity detailed and accounted for. Doesn’t leave a lot of space for life to happen, certainly not for dating. But she was always thinking she should start dating when she enters University, so maybe she needs to slot that in somewhere.

After meeting Jaehyeon, she makes a rather uncharacteristic impulse decision, and joins a programming club. The goal? Spend more time with Jaehyeon and eventually start dating. She reasons, programming is an important skill to have, so this is a good decision all-around. But what does that foul-tempered Yuyeon always seem to be around?

The verdict

If you’re not a romance fan in any form or fashion, uhm, ok, not much here for you to be honest. The plot is interesting and the pacing really solid, but it strongly revolves around the character’s love lives.

But if you are, oh boy, this series is just precious. “Romance 101” does a great job of getting us shipping the protagonists hard, and also makes your heart beat for the side characters’ romances. Tsundere fans rejoice, Yuyeon is *chef’s kiss*. The characters are very well-written, and I love that Bareum is not a cookie-cutter romance main heroine. We don’t get this hyper-organized project-planning queen every day!

The art doesn’t particularly standout in terms of style, but it’s consistent, clean and pretty. The series gets extra points for the incredible soundtrack! Original song 99‘ by STANDING EGG was featured in the later chapters. It perfectly fits the mood of the Webtoon, and it’s a great song to listen to.

Put your rose-tinted glasses on, get the butterflies on standby ready to go aflutter, and maybe a dentist on call in case the sweetness gets too much. Enjoy 🙂

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