[Review] LIGHTSUM – Honey or Spice

LIGHTSUM makes a triumphant return with their second mini-album, ‘Honey or Spice,’ marking a thrilling comeback after a year-long hiatus, and we are certainly excited for this long-awaited comeback.

Let’s dive into the music.

Honey or Spice

The EP opens with the title track, ‘Honey or Spice,’ featuring a captivating composition of bass and brass. The song’s fantastic vocal layering gives it a dynamic quality, at times smooth as honey and at other times spicy, thanks to the rap verses and playful tonal shifts. It’s an absolute bop, and the experience is enhanced by its vibrant music video, filled with eye-catching visuals, striking style, and a colourful palette. Watch it below:

In “Not My Style,” house music takes the reins, accompanied by a lovely electric guitar. The song’s essence revolves around authenticity while getting lost in fantastic tunes and enjoying every musical moment.

Skyline” immerses us in R&B with its smooth beats and angelic vocals. The song carries a depth of emotion, with candid lyrics delivery and exquisite harmonies that make it a unique listening experience. This single reveals a side of LIGHTSUM we haven’t heard before.

Whoopie” comes with disco and an air of lighthearted fun. It’s a sub-unit single featuring Nayoung, Hina, and Yujeong, and it delivers a cheerful, boppy arrangement with a lovely vibe.

The second sub-unit single, “Light it Up,” showcases Sangah, Chowon, and Juhyun. It brilliantly combines trap and EDM, creating a captivating composition that grabs listeners’ attention from the get-go. The full arrangement is powerful, and the vocal and rap blend is absolutely killer.

Bringing the release to a beautiful conclusion is the pop-ballad single “Candle LIGHT,” featuring stunning piano instrumentals that tug at the heartstrings. The members deliver a beautiful vocal performance, culminating in a well-rounded and emotionally resonant ending.

Don’t miss the opportunity to listen to this mini-album here.

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