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TREASURE is back with their second album ‘REBOOT‘. Just last month their first sub-unit TREASURE T5 debuted with a solid and very surprising single, and we are thrilled to listen to what this YG Entertainment group has prepared.

Get ready for SWAG and BOPS! Let’s listen to the music.


The title track ‘BONA BONA‘ kicks off this album on a very hype note. This single goes off with its EDM arrangement, and its fantastic section that make the rap-line and vocal line shine and stand out. This single is pure energy turned music and its hook is very catchy and captivating.

For the music video TREASURE shows off their unique swag and style with tight performances, incredible dance sequence and a lot of power. They all look incredible and the visuals are the perfect match for the vibe of this song. Check it below.

Dance-pop come along in ‘I WANT YOUR LOVE‘, and this single has a summery feel in its EDM arrangement, autotune, and constant beat drops. The whispering in the bridge along with the vocals, are fascinating and unique. What a listen.

RUN‘ takes over with a more rock-based sound and cool singing. The drums in this song are super cool, and the transitions to more electronic based rhythms and hip-hop beats are fascinating to listen to.

The pre-released single ‘MOVE (T5)‘ follows and we are still obsessed with the smoothness of this song. The rap unit comes up next and surprise us with the single ‘G.O.A.T‘ featuring the one and only Lee Young Hyun from Big Mama. This single flows with amazing delivery and a sick rock-based sound, it only gets better with Young Hyun’s power single and the instrumentals.

Second half

STUPID‘ is the next single and for this one they go in with pop and a lovely acoustic guitar. This single is Yoshi’s first self-composed song, and it is sweet, cute and charming.

The vocal line takes the spotlight next in ‘THE WAY TO‘, this song is a emotional ballad with impressive piano melodies and a lot of feelings. The members are incredible at expression the emotions in this single and it is a beautiful listen. We go back into more summer beats with ‘WONDERLAND‘ and its very refreshing and tropical beats. This single feels like the perfect listen for a beach trip, the carefree, chill and fun vibes are great and the outro with the beach waves was the cherry on top.

With ‘BOMB‘ we get a song that feels somewhat retro, but also very TREASURE, as usual they all deliver and the balance between the rap section and vocals is balanced and keep the song very interesting to listen to.

Last on this album is the single ‘LOVESICK‘, the Korean version of Asahi’s self-composed single released in their Japanese EP last year. This song is charming, cute and full of cuteness, the rhythm is adorable and the arrangement and little instrumental addition just make it even more sweet and wholesome to listen. The perfect ending for this great album.

TREASURE once again showed their talent in a very solid, fun and diverse album. Listen to this release here.

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