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Queendom Puzzle – Episode 7 Recap

We are back with a new review of Queendom puzzle, and a lot happened this week, we are heading to the semi-finals and the competition is getting more intense every week. Let’s talk about this week’s episode.

We finally got the results from the All-Round-Battle, the Puzzle Team took the victory with 1146 points, and the Queendom Team ended with 812 points.

With this last score and the audience vote the Top 7 had a new change, however, before we got know the preliminary score and the new top contestants, we got news about the next stage.

The semi-final round will consist of three different teams (A, B and C), and three originals songs produced by iKON’s BOBBY, Young K and Garden, and finally the producer Ryan Jeon.

After the sorting the members ended up divided as follows:

Group AGroup BGroup C

The songs that these line-up will be performing are ‘Puzzlin” by Young K and Garden for the Group A; ‘I DGA’ by Bobby for team B and ‘I Do’ by Ryan Jeon for the team C.

Meeting the producers

Right after the sorting each team got straight into business, and they all received the surprise of meeting the producers.

iKON’s Bobby meet up with team B, and gave them some advice about how to perform and feel this single, mentioning that pronunciation was very important.

Garden met with the members and got right into business by recording a demo to divide the parts, and advice the members. The same happen with the team C.

We were back in the Queendom studio and the competition maknaes, Zoa and Jiwoo had a special surprise; we got to see the footage of the Queendom participants receiving letters from their fans. This wholesome moment turned emotional and warming, after listening to their comforting words all the members surprised viewers with the single ‘RISE UP’, and its very beautiful lyrics. 

Top 7

The group project name was finally revealed after and the new group with be named EL7Z U+P!.

After this very important information was revealed we got to see the new new Top 7 based on the interim results, which ended with the following members:

1st member – HWISEO 
2nd member – Yeoreum 
3rd member – NANA 
4th member – Jihan
5th member – Yuki
6th member -Yeeun
7th member – Kei

14 semifinalists 

After the Top 7 was revealed we got to the tough part of this episode. Five members were leaving the competition and the goodbyes were emotional.

The remaining ‘I Do’ members were called out, and were informed that one member will be eliminated. Unfortunately, Seoyeon from Triple S will be leaving the competition, she said her emotional goodbyes and thanked the audience and members for their support. 

The PUZZLIN’ team was called out next, and two members would also be eliminated from the competition. Chaerin and JooE will be leaving Queendom Puzzle, they both said emotional goodbyes, and after very emotive moments they had to leave the competition. 

The last team to be called out were the ‘i DGA’ members, and we found out that Sangha and Soeun will be leaving the competition.

The goodbyes wrapped up this episode, and it was announced that a new voting for a fresh combination for the top 7 was open, and all the member could change.

Have you voted yet?