Photo Credits: H1GHR MUSIC


TRADE L is back with new music. This time he release the extended play ‘UNSTEADY‘ including six new song and some features we are looking forward to listen to.

Let’s start!


The title song of the mini ‘I BE LIKE’ begins this release with TRADE L’s melodic rapping and a lovely instrumentation. This single is a very soft start for this EP, and his falsettos had us very surprised, SOLE’s feature in this song just makes it even more charming, the tonality of both complement and turned this single into an amazing intro for this release.

Featuring Rad Museum, ‘BODY LANGUAGE‘ comes up next with a very smooth tempo and a rather airy rapping, the slightly enhance vocals are total vibe and this just get better with the music arrangement and the Rad’s laid back lyric delivery. ‘DIE TONIGHT‘ is next to mix things up with its mix of hip-hop beats with laid back riffs and instruments, for this song TRADE L once again goes off with his singing vocals and the full combo and contrast is very cool.

This mini get even more vibey with ‘WAKE ME UP‘ and its very fun and rhythmic flow, the sudden changes in beats in this song was a very unexpected surprised, but every second of it is super DOPE.

TTYL‘ featuring IV JAY end this release with cool tunes and a more laid back and chill style. This single is the perfect end for a release that went had but in a very vibey way. Listen to this EP here.

Kathleen Herrera
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