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Hot Singles of the Week

Welcome back to another edition of Hot Singles, where we dive into the latest releases from both seasoned and emerging artists. This week’s lineup offers a delightful mix of comebacks and debuts, promising a diverse musical journey. Let’s jump right in!

The group BXB released the single album *Chapter 2. Wings’, following a pre-release single cover of ‘The Black Cat Nero.’ This group is worth checking out, they are quite small now but have the talent to make it big.

TRENDZ made a vibrant return with the special single, ‘Go Up.’ This energetic release guarantees days of grooving and vibing, thanks to its irresistible charm and refreshing tone.

JD1, also known as Jong Dong-won, marks his official debut as a K-pop soloist with ‘who Am I.’ Under his new alias, he showcases a brand-new side, transitioning from his previous works in the trot genre.

TIOT’s Kum Junhyeon (also known as a contestant of the hit survival show Boys Planet) released his first digital solo single ‘WWW’.

WAKER surprised fans with their latest release, ‘Mission of School,’ the second single since their debut. Showcasing both talent and pristine visuals, WAKER is making waves in the music scene

That’s a wrap for this week, remember to leave your favorite comeback in the comments, and we will see you next weeks 

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