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[Review] TIOT – Frame the blueprint: Prelude to possibilities

TIOT officially came out with their pre-debut mini-album ‘Frame the blueprint: Prelude to possibilities’. You’ll recognize the group from the survival show ‘Boys Planet’. Sadly, all of the members were eliminated. The group consists of Kim Minseong, Kum Junhyeon, Hong Keonhee, and Choi Woojin.

Frame the blueprint: Prelude to possibilities

We start off with the track ‘This is our time’. This was co-composed by Sunwoo from The Boyz. ‘This is our time’ is a hard hitting hip-hop track with a cool beat and some interesting rhythm changes.

‘Unbeatable’ is the title track. This is a hip-hop dance track with an electric guitar in the instrumental that helps give the instrumental a punch. It’s actually a really solid track with a cool flow and is nicely produced.

‘Bungee’ is composed by members Minseong and Keonhee. This is a trap based hip-hop track with a cool flow and really cool rapping.

We’re going for a summer vibe with ‘Surfing’. I like this more laidback vibe and it shows a different side of their vocal strengths as well.

The closing track is ‘Starlight’. We’re going for a boom bap style with a soft piano and a laidback beat. It’s a lovely end track of a great mini-album.

You can listen to ‘Frame the blueprint: Prelude to possibilities’ by TIOT on Spotify here.

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