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[Review] YERIN – Ready, Set, Love

Yerin is back with her second mini-album ‘Ready, Set, Love’. We’re super curious, so let’s take a closer look!

Ready, Set, Love

The opening track is also the title track, ‘Bambambam‘. This is a very cute disco track with a heavy dose of synths and a bit of a city pop vibe.

‘Summer Charm’ follows that with a funky tempo with a groovy guitar riff. This is a great summer track! I like the soft vocals with a lower register. The chorus is super catchy and adorable and also a total earworm.

The closing track is ‘THE DANCE’. The opening is SICK, I love it! We’re going to the 80s with this electro funk track. El Capitxn who we wrote about here is credited as one of the co-composers. I’m really digging this track. The bridge is a vibe and a half and I really like how they assembled this track together.

Go ahead and listen to ‘Ready, Set, Love’ by Yerin on Spotify here.

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