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[Review] The Wind – Beginning : The Wind Page

New rookies in the building! The Wind is the latest debut under With Us Entertainment, consisting of Shin Jaewon, Thanatorn, Park Hayuchan, Kim Heesoo, Choi Hanbin, An Chanwon and Jang Hyounjoon. This group is ready to show their skills and talent in their first mini-album ‘Beginning : The Wind Page‘.

Let’s get right into the music this group with an average age of sixteen, has prepared!

Beginning : The Wind Page

Sirius‘ begins this debut mini with a very pretty arrangement, and soft singing. The vibe of this song is very dreamy, hopeful and full of youth. The perfect mix for the opening track. The vocal tone of the members is really good, and overall all this song had that start of an adventurous feel I really liked.

The title track ‘ISLAND‘ comes along keeping up the youthful and carefree feel. This track however brings a touch of soft bubblegum and adorable arrangement that will have each listener smiling with its sweetness. The music video is nothing but ADORABLE aesthetics, very fitting to their age, concept and vibe. Watch it below.

Playful instrumentation kicks off ‘Do it‘, this single brings lovely acoustics, great vocalisation and even cool rapping. The arrangement is fantastic, full of hope and cuteness.

Last in this release is ‘With US‘, a powerful ballad that explores stronger emotions through heartfelt singing and harmonies. The harmonisation for the chorus is the highlight of this single, and it just gets better with the orchestration. Definitely a lovely end for this debut mini-album.

The Wind has a bright future ahead, and we are looking forward to listen to more music by them. Listen to this release here.

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