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[Review] The Rose – DUAL

The Rose is back to stun us all with their new full-length album ‘DUAL’. We’re super stoked, so let’s take a closer look!


We start off with the opening track ‘DAWN’. Here we start to hear the earth awaken with gentle nature sounds until the synths start picking up. With its 1 minute and 44 seconds you truly feel at peace, ready to start your day in a tranquil, gentle manner.

‘You’re Beautiful’ was pre-released on the single album ‘Back to Me / Alive’ which we wrote about here.

‘Nauseous’ is an up-tempo pop song with sick guitars and a super catchy hook.

‘Back to me’ was also pre-released.

Next up

After that we get ‘Lifeline’ which is a collab with Transparent Arts. This electro pop rock track is super cool and has such a great energy to it. This feels super uplifting.

Next up is the instrumental track ‘Dusk’ which slides us into the second chapter of this album. The transition between ‘Lifeline’ and ‘Dusk’ is smooth as hell.

Trevor Daniel is the feature on ‘Angel’. We’re getting dreamy synths, great vocals and alt pop in this one. The intro by Trevor is beautiful and I love the raw quality to it. The violin outro added another level of emotion to it.

‘Eclipse’ really takes us on an emotional rollercoaster. I loved the build up to the chorus and the violin is, again, a fantastic addition. The choir in the bridge upped the intensity.

The following track ‘ALIVE’ was another pre-release.

‘COSMO’ is a total party track. The EDM vibes are giving me festival throwbacks. This is such a cool track and I would give so much money to hear this live. It’d be a total party!

The closing track and also the title track is ‘WONDER’. This alt rock track is meant to give us courage to face the world. I love how they play with intensity and the powerful drums literally will have you bounce off your seat.

You can listen to ‘DUAL’ by The Rose on Spotify here.

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