Photo Credits: JYP Entertainment

VCHA shines with ‘SeVit (NEW LIGHT)’

JYP Entertainment is back with a new girl group, and this time they went global. VCHA is the name of their latest groups formed through the global audition project A2K (America2Korea).

After going through the rigorous training system and showcasing their talent six participants were chosen to be part of VCHA. Lexi, KG, Camila, Savanna, Kaylee, and Kendall are part of this pre-debut group, and today they surprised fans all over the world with the pre-debut single album ‘SeVit (NEW LIGHT)‘.

This pre-debut releases starts with the title single ‘Y.O.Universe’, a lovely pop-single packed with positivity and pretty music. This group totally shines with this song, the tones is full of joy and the musical arrangement total happiness.

For the music video, the members are in their elements, and it totally shows. The concept is very much fitting with the song, all about happiness, finding yourself, and freedom. Watch it below.

The second single ‘Go Getter‘ plays off with a touch of pop-rock and a lot of confidence. With this song the members definitely show vocals power, and the determination of being a go getter.

The last pre-release single is ‘Know Me Like That‘, taking over with serious Disney Series OST vibes and angst, the electric guitar in this song is fantastic and it just get better and better with the changes of beats, singing, and even rapping.

VCHA is a very promising debut, the sound, vocals and style of the members is amazing, and we are excited to see how JYP Entertainment will manage the concept and music of this group. While we wait for their official debut, listen to this release here.

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