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[Review] The Glory Part 2

Revenge reaches its end in the second instalment of Netflix series ‘The Glory’, if you haven’t read our review of the first part, make sure to check it out here.

The first installment of this series finished off with secrets being unveiled and Yeon jin, Jae Joon, Sa Ra and Hye Jeong finding the dead end to all their secrets and crimes. Dong Eun’s plan keeps developing, but unexpected events threaten her objectives to be accomplished. 

Family matters

For this second and final part of ‘The Glory’, Moon Dong Eun has to face one and deal with the painful truth and unchanged behavior of her mother Jeong Me Hee (Park Ji Ah), who teams up with Ji Yeon in an attempt to bring her down. 

Dong Eun however, having expected this, has a few back-up plans under her sleeve, and is able not only to solve the issue her mother becomes, but also put an end to any type of future issue Me Hee might bring to her.

As the plot thickens, in this season we also find out how Gun Woo’s life reached its end and all of those involved in his death. As this mystery unfolds, many other secrets, corruption and lies keep coming out and Ji Yeon’s perfect life, and family keep falling apart in front of her eyes. 

Desperate to find support from her close ones, Ji Yeon discovers that she stands alone with all her crimes and lies, as her friends, husband and mother have turned their back on her in a decisive moment of her life. 

Unraveling the truth 

With a plan in execution and allies, Dong Eun is finally on her way to achieve her ultimate dream, and make those who hurt her and many other people pay for their crimes. Yeo Jung becomes a key player in her plan to unveil the truth, and they both keep growing closer. However, she also finds out about his issues and own revenge plans, but decides to keep quiet until he is able to share his own issues with her. 

With Dong Eun making the last moves in the game, all her focus is to make everyone pay for their crimes. The game turns violent and difficult as she and Ji Yeon play the last cards, the former for justice, and the latter for survival. 

Justice is served

The Glory’ for its second part gets even bolder and bloodier, in this second part we get to know  a lot more about the characters and their thoughts, and as it develops it gets more psychological and fascinating to follow. 

As expected from its first part, this series isn’t afraid to touch on current sensitive topics, and cover the social class inequality, corruption, and even sects disguised as churches. The sub-plots in this drama don’t hold back and become an important factor for Dong eun and her revenge. 

When it comes to the acting and performance, this drama provides one of the finest and most flawless performances on TV. Everything about these characters was believable, and really made viewers either hate them, feel pity for them or love them.

The Glory’ part 2 is available on Netflix, and you can watch the trailer for it below. 

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