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[Review] Billlie – the Billage of perception: chapter three

Billlie is back with their fourth mini-album, with this release they are following up their debut storyline that still has us intrigued and in search for more information.

the Billage of perception: chapter three‘ continues on the mystery of what happened to Billy, where did it go? how it suddenly disappeared?. The enigma continues, and in the way to solve it we will listen to amazing music. Let’s dive into this mini-album.

the Billage of perception: chapter three

Starting off this release on disco pop note, ‘Enchanted night‘ indeed enchants listeners with charming vocals, a smooth flow, fantastic layering and a touch of funk. This single is a strong opener for this mini-album, the synth additions and fantastic build up are definitely a vibe.

lionheart (the real me)‘ follows up with a mix of reggaeton, moombahton and groove, this sound and style are a totally new to Billlie’s discography and add the urban element to the already diverse discography they have, as the opening single, the build up through this single and beats drops are fantastic, and it just gets better with power high notes and plenty of ad-libs.

For the title track we go funky and at the same time very diverse, ‘EUNOIA‘ brings funk and disco together is a smooth mix that includes a bit of 90s hip-hop and beautiful harmonies throughout the full track. This song makes Billlie’s special charm stand out, and it is a fantastic listen.

The music video for this single brings to life Billlie’s universe, special effects, incredible visuals and a flawless performances. This MV is super cute and rather organic, make sure to watch it below.

With 80s synth pop and jazz vibe ‘various and precious (moment of inertia)‘, adds a retro feel, great airy vocalisation and exceptional vocal layering. The main highlight in this single is their incredible singing ability and harmonies. This continues on in ‘extra-ordinary‘ but with an old school funk element thrown in the mix, Billlie really went for powerful rich sound and uniqueness with these singles, and they absolutely killed it.

Closing this mini-album is ‘Nevertheless‘, an alternative R&B sound moves along this single with a immaculate vibe, a powerful vocal display, the changes of notes along the single is insanely good and makes the progression very vibey and amazing.

With this mini-album we got more about Billy story told through powerful singing and a total talent show-off. Billlie pulled an incredible release with a lot of personality, soul and a very unique sound and style. Enjoy this non-skip EP here.

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