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[Review] The Boyz – [PHANTASY] Pt.2 Sixth Sense

The Boyz are back with their new album ‘[PHANTASY] Pt.2 Sixth Sense’. Let’s take a closer look and see what they have in store for us.

[PHANTASY] Pt.2 Sixth Sense

We start off with the title track ‘Watch It’. This is such a fun track. The bass goes crazy and the vocal tones are all low, until the chorus. It’s a cool distinction and makes for a fun listening experience. The vocal layering in the bridge is awesome.

‘Rat in the trap’ is up next. This one is by the new subunit Sangyeon, Jacob, Kevin, New and Hak Nyeon. This is such a vibe. I love the electric bass and the build up. The vocals are great and really deliver the needed tension. This is dope.

The next subunit is by Sunwoo and Eric. We’re going for a hip hop vibe with ‘Honey’. It’s their first fully English track and it’s a really fun listen.

‘Bad Luck’ is a modern pop track with a lot of cool synths in the instrumentation. This goes hard and has some wild vocals in the backing track.

After that comes ‘CRYING&LAUGHTER’. This is a blend of pop and hip hop. It’s a fun listen and again has great vocal layering. The ‘la la la’ part is so catchy and the rap verses were really well done.

The closing track is ‘Escape’. We’re going for a pop R&B moment with a very plucky synth added in the instrumentation. The beat is sick and I love the snaps they added. The chorus is super cool and the vocals are amazing!

You can listen to ‘[PHANTASY] Pt.2 Sixth Sense’ by The Boyz on Spotify here.

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