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[Review] TEEN TOP – 4SHO

TEEN TOP is back with their new mini-album ‘4SHO’. They’re here to bless us with some summer bops. Let’s dive right in!


We start off with the title track ‘HWEEK’. This is a very refreshing track with a fun and bright melody, a funky brass sound and great vocals. The rap verses by Changjo were great and really added an extra layer of depth. The harmonies towards the end were absolutely lovely.

‘NEXT YOU’ follows that with a very fun electronic sound at the start which slides into a very alternative pop band song. I really dig the brief harmonies on different accents. It makes for a very nice listen, so definitely get your good headphones out for the full experience.

 The next track is a remake of their song ‘Missing You’. This was originally on their 2013 album. So a whole ten years later they remade this special song. The fans selected which track they wanted the members to re-record.

The last two tracks are ‘HWEEK’ with its instrumental version and a sped up version.

Overall ‘4SHO’ is a lovely mini by TEEN TOP. It’s great to hear new music from them, as always they delivered.

Listen to it here on Spotify

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