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[Review] Ditto

In this week’s review we are talking about a movie, where the past, present and future meet in one wholesome but also heartbreaking way. Let’s talk about ‘Ditto’.

Written and directed by Seo Eun-Young, ‘Ditto’ tells the story of two individuals meeting via a radio and finding out they are from different times.

Kim Yong (Yeo Jin-Goo) is an university student, after taking time off to do his military service, he goes back to school and meet Seo Han-Sol (Kim Hye-Yoon), one of the few female students in the faculty who becomes his first love.

While at home and trying to become close to Han-Sol. Kim Yong connects with the university student Kim Mu-nee (Cho Yi-hyun), with who he starts a wholesome friendship. These two become radio buddies and start exchanging advices about love and friendship.

Two different eras

After trying to meet up but failing, Kim Yong and Mu-nee start talking about their life, and soon discover they are from two different eras, however, they believe the other one is joking about it, however, Kim Yong soon discovers something that shakes up his world upside down and he starts doubting about his friends and first love.

As the story keeps unfolding, soon we find that even thought they are from two different eras, they have similar feelings towards friendship and love, and encourage each other to be happy.

Ditto‘ is a warm-hearted film with a lovely story and likeable characters that will have viewers engaged and on edge as it unfolds. This film is a totally must watch, make sure to watch the trailer below.

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