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[Review] TAN – TAN MADE [I]

The boys from TAN are back with their third mini-album ‘TAN MADE [I]’. Let’s take a cloose rlook at this release.


We start off with the mid-tempo ‘Artificial Heart‘. This track is a beautiful opener, it has some great instrumentation and I just really like the warmth this song has. The vocals are beautiful and the rap verse tastefully done. Also the vocals in the bridge are NICE.

After that comes the title track ‘Heartbeat’. This track is DOPE. The instrumental drop during the chorus is insane and the amount of power is awesome. Let’s go clubbing to this.

‘Violet’ is a disco style song with some funky drums and an equally funky beat. I really enjoyed this song and the rap verse adds some fire to it.

Next up is ‘Freeze’ which is the sub-unit of Changsun and Hyunyeop. Hello falsetto! This is a cute retro pop track that is nicely put together.

‘JEKYLL AND HIDE’ is by the sub-unit consisting of Jooan, Jaejun and Sunghyuk. It’s a blend of drama, R&B and a trip hop rhythm. It’s actually kind of awesome, but something you’d expect more around Halloween. The vocals are insane though.

The last sub-unit track is ‘TARZAN’ which is by Taehoon and Jiseong. We’re going for a Moombahton moment. It’s awesome and will get your hips moving.

The closing track is ‘New Days’. They’re closing off on a high note with a rock based track.

Overall, ‘TAN MADE [I]’ is a pretty solid mini-album by TAN. I’m curious to see what their next release will sound like. If you’d like to go read our review about their previous release, you can do so here.

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