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[Review] ARTMS – <Dall>

Former LOONA members JinSoulHaSeulKim LipHeeJin, and Choerry, have finally re-debuted as a quintet under the name ARTMS. Over the last couple of months they have been releasing singles, each one of the as incredible in its own way, and elevating the expectations for their debut release.

We are thrilled for this debut, let’s dive right in and check what they have prepared for their first album ‘<Dall>‘.


The intro track ‘URL’ opens up this release with great guitar instrumentals and a full band accompaniment that elevates de full vibe it, it definitely set the tone and mood for this release.

The title track ‘Virtual Angel’ takes over with an electro-pop vibes and great vocal layering, the transitions and build up in this release are fantastic and have a very delicate feel that makes it even more enjoyable to listen to. The music video of this music video is a total visual trip, this production goes fast and includes vibrant colour changes and epic visuals.

TW: It contains flashing lights and might affect photosensitive people

Synth takes over in ‘Sparkle’ to deliver a total bop to vibe to. The flow in this song is groovy, fun and has incredible singing and harmonies. The speed and paces changes are super cool and us totally tripping.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ moves along this release with an insane mixing and build up, this one is definitely one of a kind, the changes in vocals and sounds additions are excellent, and make it an incredible listen with elevated singing and amazing instrumentals.

The next section of this album develops with the pre-released singles ‘Flower Rhythm’, ‘Candy Crush’ and ‘Air’. These tracks created the hype around this debut and definitely showed watch they were going for musically, diversity, uniqueness and an enchanting sound.

Unf/air’ is next in this album, as the former tracks, this song takes an EDM/pop approach, focused on the vocal power and soft harmonies of this group, however it takes a surprising turn with its outro. Absolutely beautiful to listen to.

Dreamy EDM instrumentals come along in ‘Distress’. This song develops with insane vocal smoothness and a touch of breathiness that make it sexy and delicate, with amazing beat drops and a very catchy pre-chorus.

Butterfly Effect’ comes along as the newer version of ‘Butterfly’ song released when they were part of LOONA, however, this track feels a lot more mature and full of soul.

This release reaches its end with the pre-released song ‘Birth’, this track had us absolutely obsessed and we are still absolutely shocked with the insane instrumentals and dark concept! A total epic end.

ARTMS is setting off their career with an incredible first album, packed in power vocals and insane musicality. This release is a non-skip and a ride from start to end, jump on it and listen to this release here.

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