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[Review] Stranger Season 2

We’re back with a new K-drama review, this time we’re writing about ‘Stranger’ season 2. If you’ve been following this blog for a while, you’ll know I’m a huge fan of the first season. I also wrote a review about it, which you can find here

‘Stranger’ season 2 came out after nearly two years and fans were waiting with bated breaths. The first season had been a massive success and honestly it’s been a while since I’ve seen something that left me with a similar sense of catharsis. 


Tensions between the prosecutors and the police force are at an all-time high with the discussions about investigative rights. This plot is the driving force behind all the decisions the characters are making. The police force wants more rights and the prosecutors don’t want to lose what rights they have. 

It’s an interesting way to discuss investigative rights since boths sides of the coin have had major missteps and corruption. The quote ‘power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely’ is as valid as it was since Lord Acton wrote it. The fact is that people are going to abuse their power, whether they’re on the prosecutor side or on the police side. 

However, our two favorite characters are the exception. Bae Doo-Na and Cho Seung-Woo reprise their roles as prosecutor Hwang Si-Mok and detective Han Yeo-Jin. Though their clean slate gets tested properly. Han Yeo-Jin suffers in her new role and her new office but her clearcut respect for her boss Choi Bit, portrayed by the kick-ass Jeon Hye-Jin is going to give her some trouble. 

The same goes for Hwang Si-Mok, he learns that even he would cross proper boundaries for people he respects and wants to help out. 

It’s a very cool character arc to see how even our two favorite leads have to deal with pressure and intrigue and how they grow from it. I feel like both characters seem to be quite lonely. They’re also still suffering from the emotional aftermath of the first season.


There is of course more to the story than just this. It’s layered in with cases and even the abduction of Seo Dong-Jae played by Lee Joon-Hyuk, another familiar face from season 1. Of course the Hanjo group is still involved. Lee Yeon-Jae portrayed by the excellent Yoon Se-Ah is still kicking ass, though it feels like she’s grasping at straws. I was very intrigued by Managing Director Park played by Jung Sung-Il. I feel like I need to know more about his motivations and his background. 

We even see Yoon Se-Won (Lee Kyu-Hyung) who ended up going to jail at the end of season 1.

I love the fact that we see so many familiar faces. I thought it was very clever as to how they combined the storylines to make sure that the characters were still relevant to the plot. 

Is it as good as season 1?

I think that’s the main question on most people’s minds. Is it as good as season 1? I’m going to have to go with no, because it doesn’t find the same magic as season 1. The magic between Hwang Si-Mok and Han Yeo-Jin felt like it was on the backburner until we were 2/3rds in the season. 

The storylines also felt a bit too stretched out at certain points. I feel like after it ended we were still barely comprehending some motivations. It was written by Lee Soo-Yeon who is the same writer of season 1. 

However, all that aside, did I still massively enjoy this? Hell yes. Was I sitting at the edge of my seat, cursing at the end of an episode that I had to wait an entire week for the next one, also hell yes. Am I going to rewatch this second season, absolutely! This is still one of my favorite dramas to date, even if I almost didn’t get fed with one of my favorite ships that still hasn’t even sailed.

Thank God that they’re talking about a third season. Though it hasn’t been confirmed yet. 

Watch the trailer for ‘Stranger’ season 2 here:

You can watch both seasons on Netflix. 

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