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[Review] Special Delivery

We’re back with a new movie review, and this time we watched the 2022 film ‘Special Delivery’. If you enjoyed the series ‘The Fast and the Furious’ and the film ‘Baby Driver’, you should definitely stick around.

‘Special Delivery’ was written and directed by Park Dae-Min and distributed by Next Entertainment World. 


The film tells the story of Eun-Ha. The role is portrayed by the wonderful Park So-Dam who you’ve undoubtedly seen in ‘Parasite’. Eun-Ha is a driver who delivers special ‘packages’. She has a 100% success rate and is doing pretty well for herself. She has an adorable cat and a found family with her boss (Kim Eui-Sung) and co-worker (Han Hyun-Min). 

Eun-Ha has some insane driving skills and each scene has some breathtaking driving stunts. 

Her most recent pick-up isn’t going as planned though. Where she’s supposed to pick-up Du-Sik (Yeon Woo-Jin) and his son Kim Woo-Seok (Jeong Hyun-Jun), she only finds Woo-Seok who’s running for his life. 

The dad, Du-sik was involved in the sports gambling industry and was exposed. He has a dirty cop after him who’s not afraid to get his hands dirty. The cop is played by Song Sae-Byeok who as always does a great job. We also get Yeom Hye-Ran in this film, portraying another cop. If you want to discover more about her, click here


First of all, the action sequences were amazing! The driving was really well done and well shot. I also enjoyed the fighting scenes. 

I love it when an action movie has a gentle heart underneath all the action scenes which this film had as well. Park So-Dam and Jeong Hyun-Jun were adorable together and in little moments you could see them grow closer together. 

I wish we had a bit more background on her character. How did she get to where she is, how did she get to be such a great driver and fighter. But apart from that, I don’t really have a lot of complaints. It was a fun movie, I’d definitely recommend it if you like this type of film.

Watch the trailer below.

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