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[Review] Gaho – Diamond

Gaho, one of our favorite vocalists is back with his new EP ‘Diamond’. We are beyond excited, because Gaho never disappoints and will always show he has a kiler voice.


We start off with the super romantic ‘Intro’. This is sweeping, majestic and romantic. I love the oldschool movie vibe that’s going on.

It seamlessly transitions into ‘Love Me’. The title track is honestly amazing and I adore the style of the music video. Gaho takes us on a trip through Paris. Musically, he also takes us on a lovely, romantic date. It feels melancholic and mesmerizing. I’m obsessed by the bridge.

The following track ‘Beautiful Night’ was pre-released and also came out with a music video. This is more rock inspired and has a great balance between contemporary and the original romantic piano from the previous tracks.

‘Diamond’ has a great R&B vibe and a sick bass. I enjoyed the vocal distortion and the general vibe of the track. The layering was great and the strings were cool as hell!

‘Only You’ was another pre-release. The entire track feels like those 90s love ballads. It’s amazing!

The last track on the EP is ‘Lonely’ which sets us off with an acoustic guitar. I like this ballad! I enjoyed the combination of strings with the guitar. It feels intimate and honest.

Overall ‘Diamond’ by Gaho is a fantastic EP. This is a lovely addition to his rather timeless discography and will be enjoyed by many fans for years to come.

Go listen to the EP here.

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