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[Review] Single in Seoul

In this week’s review, we explore the delightful 2023 film ‘Single in Seoul’, a romantic comedy brimming with star power and a storyline that navigates the complexities of love and heartbreak with humor and charm.

Written by Lee Ji-min and brought to life under the direction of Park Beom-soo, ‘Single in Seoul‘ follows the tale of an editor and a writer thrust together by fate, despite their initial differences.

At the center of the story is Park Yeong-ho (Lee Dong-wook), an instructor and influencer who takes pride in his single lifestyle, attributing his success to the dedication he poured into himself after a past breakup. On the other hand, we have Joo Hyeon-jin (Im Soo-jung), the editor-in-chief of a publishing company overseeing the ‘Single in the City’ book series, which serves as a platform for authors to share their love stories.

When circumstances lead to Yeong-ho being considered as a potential author for the series, Hyeon-jin must navigate their differing creative visions and work styles. However, as they spend more time together, their relationship evolves, and Yeong-ho becomes more receptive to feedback on his writing style.

Trouble arises when Yeong-ho discovers that his ex-girlfriend, Agatha Hong (Esom), is also a contributor to the series. Their conflicting accounts of their past relationship complicate matters, leaving Yeong-ho uncertain about whether to proceed with publishing his novel.

Single in Seoul‘ is a candid portrayal of love and relationships, brought to life by an exceptional cast and punctuated by heartwarming moments. The film beautifully illustrates how every story has multiple perspectives, emphasizing the importance of letting go, cherishing fond memories, and embracing new opportunities for love.

With its blend of humour, warmth, and relatable characters, ‘Single in Seoul‘ is a delightful cinematic experience that will leave audiences smiling. Check out the trailer for a glimpse into this charming romantic comedy.

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