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The dreamies are back with new music! Over the last couple of weeks they have been releasing totally breath-taking concept pictures that had fans captivated and working extra-time with the storytelling behind it.

‘DREAM ( ) SCAPE’ is described as NCT DREAM’s “bold transformation”, and we are very curious on how this statement will be shown in the music included in this mini-album. Let’s dive right in and listen to the tracks!


icantfeelanything‘ opens this release with a fantastic mix of EDM beats and an incredible synth line. The flow in this single is insane, and the electronic pauses absolutely amazing, the vocals, rapping and harmonies are only the cherry on top, a total TRIP!

The title track ‘Smoothie‘ follows up next bringing deep bass, a smooth composition, insane vocal power and powerful ad-libs. The highlight of this single must go to Jisung’s rapping and the flawless build-up in the bridge with the vocal line, this song shows an NCT Dream we have not seen before, and all of the members totally killed-it!

For the music video the members get their own solo shots with different concepts, all of them adding an special touch that elevates the vibe of this single.

Hip-hop takes the stage in ‘BOX‘ with a very cool drum riff and a synth loop that adds a unique touch to this single. The vocal layering in this song is insanely good, and the mixing slightly alternative, but very NEO.

Sharp beats take over in ‘Carat Cake‘, this single evolves to become slightly experimental and extra dope, with a lot of focus on the vocals and the vibes!

UNKNOWN‘ slows the pace of this release down with an EDM/R&B mix. Chenle’s singing in this song is amazing, and the rap-line taking over for the bridge was an rather unexpected move.

This mini-album reaches its end with ‘Breathing‘, co-written by Jeno, Jaemin, Jisung and Mark, this single balances out this mini-album with beautiful vocals, harmonies and a lovely tempo.

The dreamies definitely went for bold with this mini-album, showing their musical growth and how they can keep experimenting with music and delivering bop after bop! Enjoy this fantastic release here.

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