Photo Credits: Starship Entertainment


Monsta X has a brand new sub-unit. SHOWNU and HYUNGWON are ready to take the stage with their first mini-album ‘THE UNSEEN‘. We are very excited to listen to what this duo has prepared.

Let’s listen to the music.


First off in this release is the title track ‘Love Me A Little‘ co-produced by Hyungwon. This single plays off with a sexy R&B arrangement and edgy vocals. The addition of instrumentals throughout this single is super cool, and it only get better with the EDM beats and guitar mix for the bridge, and the violin outro. This single is an amazing listen.

We get peak aesthetics with the music video and the several editorial shots and smooth dance sequences, the transitions are incredible, and its mysterious/dark concept is just the perfect fit for their vibes and the song. They both look elegant, charming and expensive! Watch it below.

Love Therapy‘ takes over with a hybrid of R&B/POP, and incredible vocals. This duo totally kills it with the ad-libs and harmonisations. They made this song groovy, effortlessly cool and vibey. ‘Roll With Me‘ comes along with an piano arrangement and an amazing musical build-up. The melodic rapping in this track is quite interesting to listening to, and the echoy effect in some parts of the song and strings instrumentals are super dope and unique.

We go in with synth and groove in ‘Play Me‘ and this single is a vibe. The falsettos are really cool, and the sectioning and mixing incredible. This track is all about jamming to the music and vibing. Closing this release is ‘Slow Dance‘ with a soft-pop and synth sound. Our highlight however, are the clean and dreamy vocals, Shownu and Hyungwon totally deliver with their soft tonality and almost whispery feel.

SHOWNU X HYUNGWON are definitely quite the duo. This mini-album was an amazing listen, with groove, smoothness and their MONSTA X factor that takes listeners by surprise. Enjoy this release here.