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[Review] ILY:1 – New Chapter

The girl group ILY:1 is back with new music in their second mini-album ‘New Chapter‘, including three new track and their respective instrumental versions, this group want to “run towards a new world”.

Let’s get to the music and check their journey.

New Chapter

This release starts with ‘Shining Sky‘ and this single is brings back summer pop single vibes from the 2010s. This track is very focused in the dreamy feel of the arrangement and the members sweet tonalities, all the elements in this song complement to perfection the cuteness of the members delivery. Very refreshing and seasonal.

With ‘Blossom‘ we go retro with a lovely guitar instrumentation and synth. The build up in this track is great and the pre-hook very surprising and fun. This song is a very lovely listen with a very cheerful and exciting feel.

The title track ‘MY COLOR‘ comes up next with a charming melody including string instruments and cheerful energy in every second of it. There is quite a bit of harmonisation in this release and throughout the full song the member can indeed show their own colours. For the music video, the go along with a lot of cute sequences, playful set, and their charm, check it below.

Next up in this release are the three instrumental versions of the singles, wrapping it out nicely. You can listen to this release here.

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