Photo Credits: Warner Music Korea

MV Rec: JUNJE – Love Tree

For this week’s music video recommendation we want to share an indie single with warm visuals and soft music. Let’s talk about JUNJE’s single ‘Love Tree‘.

First-off JUNJE’s voice in this single is soft, mellow and full of emotions, ‘Love Tree‘ is a beautiful listen with minimalistic instrumentation and a lot of feel. This only gets better with the very pretty visuals of this music video.

With a lot of focus in scenery and landscapes, this MV includes some breathtaking shots, soft colours, and dramatic transitions. The camera work, and play with angles added more drama and feeling into each one of the scenes, and the way the production team matched the melodic build up with the golden hours, made it even more emotional.

If you haven’t watched this music video yet, enjoy the beautiful camera work and scenery below.

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