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[Review] SF9 – THE WAVE OF9

The boys from SF9 are back to vibe us into the summer with their new EP ‘THE WAVE OF9’. Let’s dive right in!


We start off with the title track ‘SCREAM’. This Dance meets R&B track is a fun listen. The rapping flow is pretty cool, with Zuho’s verse being my favorite. The chorus is addictive and catchy as hell.

‘OK OK’ takes us back to the 80s with it synth filled pop. I really enjoyed the bounciness of the instrumentals and the soft and airy vocals.

Next up is ‘Summertime Bounce (Don’t Kill My Vibe)’. We’re going funky in this one. The chorus with the electric guitar is EVERYTHING.

‘Driver’ is a Dance track that has a fantastic vibe and a catchy hook. The instrumentals are groovy and the balance between rap and vocals is really cool.

Next up is ‘Crazy Crazy Love’. We’re going disco in this one. The brass in the backing track is super nice and the whole track is very funky.

The closing track is ‘Butterfly’. The lyrics were written by Hwiyoung. He also co-composed the track. This hip-hop inspired track has some nice synths and a cool flow.

You can listen to ‘THE WAVE OF9’ by SF9 on Spotify here.

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