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[Review] SF9 – Sequence

The boys from SF9 are back with their latest mini-album ‘Sequence’. This EP tells the story of a full relationship from the beginning till the bitter end. Let’s dive right in!


We start off with ‘BIBORA’. This is a total bop. I’m really digging the deep house groove with the funk thrown in. It’s a very dynamic track that honestly is perfect to listen to on loop.

‘Midnight Sun’ follows along with some cool synths. This medium pop track is a track for the fans according to the album description: “It is a fan song that compares the fans who brighten up the members in the same place at every moment to the ‘white night’ that illuminates the world without losing even in the middle of the night, and conveys the sincerity of the members who want to promise the eternity of SF9 and FANTASY as one.”

We get a dance pop track with ‘Domino’. We’re getting heavy synth bass with interesting layering. It’s a groove! The chorus is a total earworm.

‘Strings’ is a future bass track with cool guitars. According to the description it: “contains the emotions that we have felt together so far while thinking of our fans, and the lyrics express the meaning of a bond that is bound like fate and cannot be broken even as time passes.”

‘Morning Coffee’ is a pop track that feels bright and cheery. It’s a literal shot of serotonin and will have you humming along in no time.

The closing track is ‘Superconductor’ which is the first solo track by Dawon. This is a UK Garage track with dope piano melodies and really cool layering. It’s a vibe and honestly the vocal layering is really well done.

You can listen to ‘Sequence’ by SF9 on Spotify here.

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