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[Review] ITZY – BORN TO BE

ITZY is back with a bang, and their latest release, ‘BORN TO BE,’ is a rollercoaster of musical brilliance. This album not only showcases the group’s dynamic synergy but also allows each member to shine individually. Let’s break it down track by track.


The opening track, ‘BORN TO BE,’ is a powerhouse of edgy vibes and EDM beats. Released as a pre-single, it sets the stage for what follows. With powerful vocals, especially Ryujin’s impressive rap, this track is a bold introduction to the album.

With a trendy mix of beat, bass and instrumentals, ‘UNTOUCHABLE‘ plays next. This single is the title track of this release and plays off to show ITZY talent with a great mix of rap, singing and flawless high notes. For the music video, the members kill it with stunning visuals that lean onto a more serious vibe and go hand-in-hand with the concept of this single. Watch it below.

The pre-released ‘Mr. Vampire‘ introduces a new side of ITZY. The fusion of genres, seamless vocals, and captivating melodies make it a standout b-side. This track promises to become a fan favorite with its unique listening experience.

Dynamite‘ takes a detour with its experimental sound. The fun arrangement and playful vibe make it a track that’s impossible not to vibe to. It adds a refreshing twist to the album.

Members’ solos

Opening the solos part of this release is Yeji and her single ‘Crown On My Head‘, the electric guitar throughout this song is super dope, and we totally loved the angsty tone in this song.

LIA’s solo single ‘Blossom’ takes over with a blend of EDM and R&B that suits flawlessly her vocal tone. Her singing has a touch of breathiness, that makes it a very soft listen with a vibey touch.

Rock takes over in Ryujin’s solo song ‘Run Away‘. With a fantastic electric guitar and a fabulous vocal play, this song beautifully blends pop-rock and shows off a Ryujin we haven’t heard before, giving off early 2000s vibes.

CHAERYUEONG’s single ‘Mine‘ plays next with a groovy arrangements and captivating vocals. The ad-libs in this song are fantastic and her singing just charming. This single is playful, trendy and packed in smooth tunes.

The last solo is by YUNA, ‘Yet, but‘ showing off her charm as the maknae of the group from start to end, with bright beats and a fun melody. This single is very playful and it totally screams kpop in every second of it, the mixing tempo changes and vocals are just fantastic, and will definitely make more than one smile.

The album concludes with ‘Escalator,’ a hyper-pop single with experimental beats and confidence that mirrors the high note it began on. It’s a perfect finale to an album full of surprises.

‘BORN TO BE’ is more than an album; it’s an experience. ITZY demonstrates not only their collective strength but also the individual brilliance that each member brings to the table.

Listen to this album, and let us know which one was your favourite song in the comments below.

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