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[Review] B1A4 – CONNECT

After over ten years since their debut and a bit over two years since their last release, B1A4 has made a grand return with their 8th mini-album, ‘CONNECT.’ Let’s delve into the musical journey they’ve crafted for their long-awaited comeback.


‘B1A4 kicks off this musical adventure with the title track ‘REWIND,’ a fantastic blend of retro grooves that had us jamming from the first note. The track is not only a auditory delight but also complements a very fun and cool concept in its music video. The members’ acting skills shine through, and the transitions are just fabulous. Watch it below.

Following up is ‘Back To You,’ an EDM-Pop based single that embraces a retro concept with impeccable vocal layering. The tempo of this song is fantastic, creating an upbeat vibe that had us fully immersed. The track’s speed makes it an irresistible listen.

Pause‘ takes the spotlight with a UK garage-inspired arrangement and retro touches, resulting in an addictive, nostalgic, and fun listen. The vocals in this single are extraordinary, and the ad-libs elevate the track to a whole new level.

Transitioning into a soft pop vibe, ‘When You Call My Name‘ captivates with heartwarming chords and vocals that feel like a warm hug. The harmonies and delicate singing create a delightful and comforting listening experience.

Closing the curtains on this mini-album is the beautiful ballad ‘Still In My Heart.’ Co-written by the members, this soulful track features exquisite instrumentation and heartfelt singing, serving as a special gift to their fans. It’s a touching and beautiful conclusion to the album.

B1A4 has delivered a mini-album that not only marks their triumphant return but also showcases their mastery across well-balanced genres. The breathtaking singing, seamless transitions, and thoughtful composition make ‘CONNECT’ a captivating musical journey. Dive into the album and experience the magic here.

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