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[Review] Second Life

We’re back with a new film review and this time we watched the indie film ‘Second Life’.

This 2019 film was written and directed by Park Young-Ju and is her first feature length film. The lead actress is Jung Da-Min. She’s had a couple of small roles but was recently in the Netflix series ‘Bloodhounds’ which you can read about here.


Jung Da-Mi portrays the role of Sun-Hee, a high schooler who’s unsatisfied with life and her lack of friends. She tries hard and comes up with a couple of lies to get a clique of girlfriends to let her join their group. However, they quickly start to notice and when she frames one of them it ends up with serious consequences and she runs away from home.

She ends up in a small town and creates a new life for herself.


This is a relatively short film. It clocks in just over an hour, but we really get a good sense of Sun-Hee. It’s an interesting character study of a very lost girl.

Her behavior reminded me of this concept where if you’re friends with a person for a long time you start to resemble them unconciously. Sun-Hee takes bits and pieces of her female friendships and warps them to her own benefit.

‘Second Life’ is a slow-paced character study so this might not be for everyone. However, if you’re in the mood for something new, definitely give this a chance.

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