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[Review] Park Ji Hoon – Blank or Black

Park Ji Hoon is back with his new mini-album ‘Blank or Black’. This is his first comeback of the year, so we’re pretty happy to hear his new music. Let’s take a look!

Blank or Black

We start off with the track ‘Gemini’. This short track clocks in just over a minute. According to the album description this is a future soul track that blends pop, hip-hop and electronica. It’s a nice listen, but I feel like it’s a bit too short to have a full grasp of it.

After that we get the title track ‘Blank Effect’. We’re going heavier on the hip hop with a very cool instrumental. I like how laidback this feels. The way they added intensity during the chorus was pretty dope.

‘Black Hour’ is next. We’re going pop R&B for this one. There are some very retro soundbites in the instrumentals that keep it very fresh.

From the first second I was already vibing to ‘Matador’. This is such a cool song! The chorus is insane with the sick beat. The verses are straight up fire with Park Ji Hoon’s cool rapping. Also the bridge?! It’s a bop.

‘Gambit’ is the only track with a feature and he managed to get none other than Bang Yongguk! That’s pretty darn impressive. The brass sample is awesome and makes the song super vibey. I l enjoyed Ji Hoon’s vocals in this one. Yongguk’s verse and low timbre really created such a cool effect. Honestly this is dope.

The closing track is ‘Crashing For’. This one is also brass heavy but it’s a unique track in this EP line-up. This softer track is the perfect closure and leaves you wanting to relisten to the full thing.

Go ahead and listen to ‘Blank or Black’ by Park Ji Hoon on Spotify here.

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