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[Review] LEE CHAE YEON – Over The Moon

Lee Chae Yeon is back with her second mini-album ‘Over The Moon’, we absolutely loved her work for her debut release, and we are very excited to see and listen which approach and style her music is taking with this EP.

Let’s get right into what the former IZ*ONE member has prepared!

Over The Moon

Line by Line‘ is the intro track for this mini-album, this single brings a very lovely and rather cute and carefree style, a total serotonin boost for the listeners and an amazing start.

The title track ‘KNOCK‘ comes up next and takes over with a trendy up-beat style, a catchy hook, and Chae Yeon shining with her lovely vocal tone. The music video for this single rolls with amazing camera work, a clean performance, and Chae-yeon visuals supremacy. Her confidence, and incredible dance skills shine throughout this music video, check it below.

The club banger ‘I Don’t Wanna Know‘ comes along, and with the song we get a side of Chae Yeon we have never listened to before. The mixing and layering in this single gives rave vibes and it is a very doped and fun listen. Get ready to party hard with this song.

Disco comes back with ‘Don’t Be A Jerk‘, the groove in this single is super fun and the vocals very line and delicate but pretty to listen to. Last in this mini-album is ‘Like A Star‘ closing it on a very soft way with beautiful instrumentation and a lot of warmth, Chae Yeon wrote part of the lyrics showing her gratitude toward the fans, very wholesome and definitely a stunning listen.

‘Over The Moon’ is a lovely mini-album with a fantastic genre mix, check this non-skip release here.

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