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[OffStage] DeeShin

In this edition of OffStage, we shine a spotlight on DeeShin, a remarkable film director and producer responsible for many beloved KPOP music videos. Let’s delve into the career of Shin Dongle, also known as Dee or DeeShin.

Early Career

Shin Dongle entered the industry in 2012 with her first commercial production, “New Balance Street Campers,” an ad spot for the summer and winter seasons. Dee not only directed and produced this ad but also edited it, showcasing her multifaceted talent from the start.

Breakthrough in Music Videos

DeeShin’s journey in the music industry began in 2013 with the music video for the indie band 3rd Line Butterfly’s single “SEXY.” This project marked her transition into music video direction, leading her to work closely with YG Entertainment artists.

One of her early notable works for YG was the special single by Park Bom and Lee Hi, “All I Want for Christmas is You.”

Collaborations with YG Entertainment

With YG Entertainment, DeeShin directed several iconic music videos for artists such as WINNER, Jinusean, AKMU, 2NE1, and Taeyang. These collaborations solidified her reputation in the KPOP industry.

Expanding Horizons in KPOP

Beyond YG Entertainment, DeeShin has worked on numerous projects with other KPOP groups, including MYTEEN, Pentagon, WEEKLY, SEVENTEEN, Monsta X, SHINEE, CHUNGHA, P1Harmony, NFlying, and BtoB. Her diverse portfolio highlights her versatility and broad appeal in the industry.

Recent Works

In recent years, DeeShin has worked closely with HYBE LABELS, contributing to high-profile projects such as BTS’s special campaign with UNICEF, NewJeans’ “HYPE BOY” and “COOKIE,” and V’s music video for his EP “Layover.

One of her more recent works is Lee Chan Hyuk’s single “1 Trillion.”

To explore DeeShin’s complete body of work, be sure to visit her website. Let us know in the comments which production directed by this talented creative is your favourite.

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