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[Review] Our Body

We’re back with a new film review and this time we watched the 2018 film ‘Our Body’.

The story

‘Our Body’ is an interesting indie film. It was written and directed by Han Ka-ram. This was her first feature film.

We follow our lead character Ja-young portrayed by Choi Hee-Seo. Ja-young is 31 and has been studying for the civil service exam for what feels like ages. She feels stuck, lost and frustrated.

When she’s taking a break in the middle of an insane amount of stairs to go back to her studio, she sees Hyun-Joo (Ahn Ji-hye). Hyun-Joo is beautiful and fit and jogs past our main character.

Ja-young feels inspired and seems like she has a bit of a crush, and decides to start running as well. They keep bumping into each other and eventually strike up conversation and a friendship.


Despite the many running scenes the pace of this film is slow, languid, like there’s no rush. We linger in certain scenes and focus on the looks and quiet moments where we see our characters speak without words.

There’s definitely some tension between our two female characters. The term ‘girl crush’ definitely comes to mind. However Hyun-Joo’s character is shrouded in mystery and keeps things close to her chest.

I liked how Ja-young makes dumb decisions and struggles with herself. The conversations between her mother and her sister felt very real and at times recognisable.

I definitely enjoyed watching this movie. Go watch the trailer below.

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