[Review] REN – Ren’dezvous

Former N’UEST member REN is taking his first step as a solo artist with his first mini-album ‘Ren’dezvous‘. Let’s get right into it and dive in what he has prepared for this new beginning.


starting off this release is the title track ‘Ready to Move‘, if you are looking for a summer bop, this single is for you. REN totally kills it with a groovy pop-single that brightens the mood. This song is a fantastic listen and a solid solo debut.

For the music video he takes us through a little multiverse, with stunning visuals and clean aesthetics. The camera work in this MV is fantastics, all the angles, effects and transitions are absolutely flawless, and the end scene is the cherry on top. Watch it below.

On a rock note ‘Autofill‘ comes up next with rich instrumentation and power vocals. This track is rather angsty, but a total vibe. The change is tonalities is amazing, and made this single a powerful listen.

On a more experimental style, ‘Imagine More‘ plays off with an intense arrangement, and serious musical movie vibes, this track feels powerful and full of charisma, all about is is very theatrical and cool.

With a touch of synth-pop and sweet vocal ‘Lullaby (11:03)‘ moves this release along, with warmth and comfort turned music, this single is a very refreshing listen and REN vocal tone is playful and powerful.

Closing this release is ‘My Story‘, ending it with a soft but groovy tempo and a fantastic arrangement. All about this single is fantastic, the groovy singing, harmonies and acoustic guitar made a very outstanding listen and the perfect end for this mini-album.

REN delivered a solid debut mini-album, this release show different sides of him as an artist, and it is an amazing listen. Check it out here.

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