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The girls from LIMELIGHT are back with their new mini-album ‘LAST DANCE’. We’re super stoked so let’s take a closer look at this release.


‘Baby, Maybe Crazy’ is the opening track. This is a fun Dance Pop track with a lot of funk elements with the addition of the synths. I absolutely love this track. The vocals are fun and I’m obsessed with the chorus.

Next up is the title track ‘TA-DA!’. This is a very twinkly cute synth pop track. I enjoyed the flow of the track a lot and the catchy ‘ta-da’ in the chorus.

Next up is the Suhye solo ‘IF U KNOW’. This is a very synthy pop track with great vocalisation by Suhye. We also get the guitar version and the acapella version of this track on the album.

After that we get MiU’s solo ‘TWENTY TWENTY’. This was released a couple of days ago. This chorus is awesome! It’s Dance Pop with a cool tempo and really well done. This single is also presented in its Japanese version and the E. Synth version on this release. As well as the acapella versions of both languages.

All these tracks also come with the instrumental version on the album.

Overall ‘LAST DANCE’ by LIMELIGHT is a lot of fun! I’m super impressed with the acapella versions. It’s honestly really nice to be able to fully focus on the vocals.

Go check it out here.

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