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The girls fro, UNICODE are finally debuting with their mini-album ‘HELLO WORLD : CODE J EP.1’. This is a Japanese K-pop group, which was formed during the survival show ‘Project K’. Let’s take a closer look!


The album starts with the intro ‘Invi: Bon Voyage’. This is really cute, all of the members are introducing themselves in both Korean and Japanese.

Then comes the title track ‘Let me love’. This is such a retro vibe, I love it! It’s a city pop track with a retro vibe and lovely vocals. This is just adorable.

Next up is ‘Blur’. We’re staying with the city pop vibe and we’re getting some really high notes. This is a lovely listen and a bit of an earworm.

‘Spring in my 20th continues with the retro moment. The intro is adorable and immediately had me swinging along. I really liked the addition of the strings. The bass as well, was great.

Drizzle’ is up next and slows things down a little. This is giving me 1st gen vibes and I’m vibing with it. I enjoyed the instrumental sections as they enhanced the whole track.

The closing track is ‘Sailors : Outro’ where the members narrate that their journey has just begun.

Go listen to ‘HELLO WORLD : CODE J EP.1’ by UNICODE here.

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