Photo Credits: Armada Entertainment

[Review] ONE PACT – Moment

ONE PACT is the latest boy group under Armada Entertainment. Consisting of  Jongwoo, Jay Chang, Seongmin, TAG, and Yedam, they debuted with the mini-album ‘Moment’.

This group includes many familiar faces, a few of the members were in the competition show Boys Planet, and Jay released his solo debut project only a couple of months ago.

We are thrilled with this release, let’s get right into the music!


The debut kicks off with ‘Hot Stuff,’ a hip-hop-driven single that sets the energy ablaze. Boasting a deep bass and impeccable rap delivery, this track establishes a vibrant tone for the entire mini-album. The dynamic pace changes in the bridge and outro add a layer of complexity, showcasing the group’s versatility.

Must Be Nice‘ takes the spotlight with its sweet and nostalgic vocals, adorned with beautiful ad-libs and harmonies. The EDM/Pop tempo introduces a soulful and emotional contrast to the opening single. The music video mirrors these emotions with intense solo shots and captivating dance sequences. Watch it below.

GOAT‘ comes up next to hype things up with a very dynamic and cool rhythm, the vocals and rapping are effortlessly cool, and had us totally vibing to it. ‘RUSH IN 2 U‘ delivers a lovely EDM/R&B tempo with smooth singing and a vibe that resonates effortlessly. The members shine with their flow and emotional lyric delivery, creating a track that’s both a vibe and a heartfelt experience.

Loading‘ takes an experimental turn with its POP/EDM sound, enhanced with vocal brilliance. The unexpected smoothness of the track is out of this world, offering a sonic experience that adds depth to the mini-album.

Closing the debut mini-album is ‘illusion,’ concluding on an unconventional note with an alternative sound and a killer vibe. The super dope arrangement mirrors the smooth hype that initiated this release, leaving listeners eager for more.

ONE PACT is definitely a group to look forward to, their sound is one of a kind and their talent totally incredible. Listen to this release here.

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