still from the MV for This is War by MBLAQ

[Time Capsule] MBLAQ – This is War

Back with another k-pop time capsule, today we’re listening to none other than Rain’s babies, MBLAQ. From the band that brought us catchy dance bops like ‘Y’, ‘Mona Lisa’, and the truly poetic ‘Oh Yeah’ (yeah yeah…), ‘This is War’.

My personal favourite, and definitely one of their best songs, this 2012 catchy tune has one of the most bonkers and memorable MVs ever. Living rent free in my head for over a decade now, and wow, has it really been that long? Joon is an assassin, bullets can do crazy things with their trajectory, it’s a wild ride, trust me. The very confusing aesthetic and majestic all-leather outfits are just the cherry on top. And, to be fair, for 2010’s and MBLAQ they’re as par for the course as the explosive choreography.

Feast your eyes on this masterpiece and watch out for that moment around 4:30, trust me.

And if you have an appetite for more MVs that well and truly jump the shark, we’ve got you 😉

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