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[Review] oceanfromtheblue – NEWRNBERA

oceanfromtheblue is back with new music, this time he released the EP ‘NEWRNBERA‘ with features by well-known artists in the hip-hop and R&B scene. We are expecting nothing but smooth music with a twist.

Let’s dive right into it!


NewRnbEra‘ opens up this EP with a flawless arrangement, and a vibey rap delivery and smooth falsetto. ‘Take it‘ featuring The Quiett comes up next with a lopped arrangement and a lot of bounce, this song is surprisingly catchy with its hook, and we have to mention the contrast between both rapping styles, it just very cool altogether.

With instrumentals, falsetto and autotune, ‘Swoosh‘ featuring DUT2 come along for a trendier sound with an indie feel. This track turns emotional and sexy, in and unexpected turn that will hook listeners in.

With ‘Cliche‘ we get a rather dreamy sound with enhanced vocals and lo-fi beats that blend flawlessly with the fell and intensity in this single and oceanfromtheblue’s verse delivery.

Coming up next with a sound and style that resembles slightly UK Hip-Hop, ‘Talk to Me’, focuses on sharp delivery, deep bass and an EDM blend that adds a lot more strength to this track. Next up is the title track ‘Apgujeong-ro‘ featuring Gist, with blend R&B and Hip-Hop, the vocals and rap in this song are incredible, the beats and instrumental riffs make it a rather ntense but addictive listen. A total vibe.

Closing off this EP is the song ‘Run It Up‘ featuring Kvsh, the instrumentals in this song are smooth, and the layering of beats, vocals impeccably done.

This EP felt a lot more like an indie mixtape, with a mix of sounds and styles that feel a lot less commercial, but a the same time trendy, fun and unique, the second have of this release will be out in a few weeks, keep an eye on it. You can listen to this release here.

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