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Hot Singles of the Week

As the festive season approaches, our Hot Singles lineup brings you a mix of joyful Christmas tunes and the usual bops to keep your playlist fresh. Let’s dive into the latest releases:

NMIXX returned with the pre-release single ‘Soñar (Breaker)’ ahead of their upcoming second EP set to drop in January. The track exudes energy with a vibrant sound that promises an exciting comeback.

Teaming up for a special single, DKZ and CLEF took a heartfelt turn with ‘Daymoon,’ delivering a beautiful ballad filled with soulful singing and poignant lyricism.

Our favorite pop band LUCY released the single album ‘Boogie Man’ including the singles ‘Boogie Man’ and ‘Over The Christmas’, this release mixes the best of the festive vibes with LUCY’s unique music core, the totally rock it in the title track ‘Boogie Man’ and go full on Christmas mode on the second one. Just wonderful. 

Singer-songwriter and producer ADORA returned with ‘dreams,’ a single that showcases her vocal prowess and delivers a cascade of emotions. Each second of this release is filled with heartfelt expression.

THE BOYZ presented the special single ‘Dear.’ as a heartfelt gift to their fans. This soft pop-ballad, unintentionally infused with a Christmas feel, radiates warmth and sincerity.

NCT U, consisting of Renjun, Kun, Chenle, and Xiaojun, dropped the special single ‘Marine Turtle’ in Korean, Chinese, and instrumental versions. The C-line of NCT impresses with their emotive vocals and captivating delivery.

BAEKHO made a special return with the digital single ‘What Are We,’ featuring Jiwon from Fromis_9. The collaboration adds a layer of depth to the track, creating a melodious and impactful release.

Keep these tunes in rotation for a diverse and exciting addition to your music collection! Thank you for tuning in to this week’s Hot Singles. Stay tuned for more music recommendations. 

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