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[Review] NewJeans – Get Up

2022 rookies NewJeans are back with their second EP ‘Get Up‘. A couple of weeks ago the took over the music charts with the pre-release single ‘Super Shy’, and left bunnies charmed with their unique, unexpected and very colourful concept.

This group has been taking over the music industry by storm, and we are thrilled to listen to what they have prepared for this release, they have a triple title track for this mini-album, and probably a lot of surprises. Let’s listen to the release.

Get Up

We start off with the pre-release track ‘NewJeans‘, this intro definitely single sets the mood for this release, and is followed by the pre-release single and first title song ‘Super Shy‘. These two were released together, and already wrote about them. Needless to say elevated even more the expectations of fans with their unique sound and vibes. If you still haven’t checked the music videos, watch them below.

The second title song ‘ETA‘ plays off with a funky rhythm and a house music style. This single feels like a late 90s throwback musically, however, it has the unique NewJeans factor, the musical mix along with the members’ vocal tones and unique delivery make this song and amazing listen, and this single only gets better when reading the lyrics, and understanding the concept.

For the music video, they partnered with Apple and shot this production in Iphone 14. The full video very music feels like and indie movie a group of friends would make, very artsy, full of movement, and minimal transitions that added a very organic flow. The storyline is also very cool and it just make the lyrics even better. Check it below.

Art and Music

The third title track of this EP ‘Cool With You‘ bring UK based R&B/Pop/EDM in a flawless mix that suits their voices to perfections. The falsettos, harmonies and flow of this single is beyond smooth, super pretty and full of style.

This song only gets better with its music videos, side a and side b, and their partnership with the super starts Jung Hoyeon and Tony Leung Chiu-Wai, the storyline in both videos is rather complex but with a breathtaking cinematography, ambiance and setting. Watch these visual masterpieces below.

The side B of these music video introduced to the next single ‘Get Up‘, running for only 36 seconds, this single is incredible smooth and soft, NewJeans’ members voice melt in one, and it it a beautiful listen,

The closing single for the release is the one dropped for their preview, and we were really looking forward to listen to this song. The Euro Pop based vibes, sharp singing, and full arrangement in this single are super satisfying to listen to, they all fall into harmony flawlessly, and it a very dope way to end this EP.

NewJeans went beyond expectations with this EP, the music is unique and fresh, and have their unique touch. Just absolutely amazing, listen to release here.