Photo Credits: Windfall / Transparent Arts

The Rose comes back with ‘Back To Me’

The Rose is back with new music in their single album Back To Me/ Alive.

For ‘Back To Me‘, The Rose goes into their flawless rock sound with an incredible instrumentation build up, the full single reaches its climax and drops to bring Wooseok’s and Dojoon’s amazing vocals. This track is fully in english and the angst is real in every single second of it. For the music video the go full on rock star mode, they are all feeling it, and it is fantastic. Check it below.

With ‘Alive‘, they take a more pop driven approach with a lovely synth line backing up the orchestration. The use of instrumental silence to highlight the vocals is super dope, and the autotune makes it even better. This full single feels a lot more darker but nevertheless amazing. With the outro they totally smashed it and turned this song into a total club banger!

You can listen to this release here.

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