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Actor Spotlight: Ryu Jun-Yeol

For this week’s Actor Spotlight we’re taking a closer look at Ryu Jun-Yeol and his filmography. Let’s check out some of his projects.

Ryu had his start in independent films and the indie scene. His first breakout role was in the feature length film ‘Socialphobia’.

Then later that year he starred in the popular series ‘Reply 1988’. It earned him the Best New Actor in TV award at the 52nd Baeksang Arts Awards in 2016

In 2016 he was in the films ‘One way trip’ and ‘Lucky Romance’.

The year after he performed in the film ‘The King’ which earned him the Baeksang Award for Best New Actor.

Ryu Jun-Yeol also acted in the box office hit ‘A Taxi Driver’.

In 2018 he starred in one of my all-time favorites ‘Little Forest’ alongside Kim Tae-ri. 

The same year he was also in the film ‘Believer’ which we wrote about here.

2019 was a big year where he was in the three films ‘Money’, ‘Battle: Roar To Victory’ and ‘Hit-and-Run Squad’.

He returned back to the small screen in 2021 with the series ‘Lost’.

Last year Ryu acted in the sci-fi film ‘Alienoid’ and the historical thriller ‘The Night Owl’. 

He also had his own vlogging series while he was studying in LA for a year. 

Ryu Jun-Yeol is undoubtedly an amazing actor. From writing this I’ve already added a couple of movies to my ongoing To Watch list, I hope you discovered some new gems as well.

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